The nineteenth-century building, but with a seventeenth-century layout, is surrounded by an uncovered park area of about one hectare where you can admire various centenary tree species including oaks, palms, yews andlaburnum. The main body of the villa is completed by two adjacencies. According to some studies, the park, which reflects the typical style of the Italian garden, was the place where the painter Gregorio Lazzarini (1655 -1730), master of the more famous GB Tiepolo, began to paint.

Currently the residence is owned by the same family who bought it at the end of the 19th century. Nicolò Bornancini, mayor of Cinto Caomaggiore and landowner, had bought the villa on the occasion of his marriage to Countess Anita Bombarda, originally from Portovecchio near Portogruaro. The Cav. Nicolò Bornancini chose this villa as a wedding gift.
Unfortunately, his wife Anita died two years after giving birth to a child, Caterina.

The knight Bombarda took home a French governess M.me Chappe who took care of her daughter’s education. Caterina, who like all the girls from a good family of the time, learned to play the piano thanks to maestro Goffredo Giarda of the Benedetto Marcello conservatory in Venice, who was a great friend of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

RAfter the death of her father, Mrs. Caterina Bornancini lived in the villa with her husband Ottavio Cincotta, general of the Italian Air Force and cousin of the famous Neapolitan singer Giacomo Rondinella. The current interior decoration
of the villa was entrusted in the early 1900s to the expert hand of the Master and restorer Tiburzio Donadon and his assistants who had finished the restoration of the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis in Sesto al Reghena, decorated the parish church of Noventa di Piave and a part of the Cathedral of Portogruaro.
In the Music Room and in the Dining Room there are some portraits of the hosts painted by the famous painter Maria Vinca, a student of Gugliemo Ciardi’s workshop in Venice.

The current owner, Dr. Nicoletta Bulian
is a guide and tour leader in the Veneto region, speaks English, German, French and Spanishand mainly deals with making the Veneto territory known to foreign groups as well.