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Villa Bornancini which is about 70 km (about 40 miles) far from Venice makes it ideal for car trips, bike or walking tours to the towns in the eastern Veneto region and in the Friuli region.


which was an old river port crisscrossed by the Lemene river with palaces in Venetian Gothic style.


with its medieval Abbey.

Concordia Sagittaria

an ancient Roman town with archaeological Roman and early Christian remains.

Sesto al Reghena

in the Friuli region famous for its medieval abbey “ Santa Maria in Silvis”.

Oderzo and Portobuffolè

both Roman and Medieval towns.


and its castle.


the ideal starting point to know the Prosecco Valley.


with its dunes and pine forest, the area of fish farms and huts made famous by Ernest Hemingway who spent long periods in the area and wrote the novel “Across the river, among the trees”.


  • A 30-minute drive from Cinto Caomaggiore you can reach the main beaches of the upper Adriatic: Bibione, Lignano e Caorle.
  • The D.O.C. area is also very close. of Lison-Pramaggiorewines.

    By clicking on the image you can download an interesting book on these wines. (Italian/English)


  • Finally, from Cinto Caomaggiore you can easily reach the enchanting Venice via the motorway, about 40 minutes away.

Bike trips from Cinto Caomaggiore

  • From Piazza Castello, Portogruaro to Concordia Sagittaria, km 3.4: cross the historic center and skirt the Lemene until reaching Concordia.
  • From Concordia to Cinto Caomaggiore, 11,4 km: from Portogruaro take the low road that runs along the Lemene, pass the Villa Bombarda Park in Portovecchio, cross Gruaro and skirt the blue lake, finally take the last stretch of road, which climbs from Sesto in the Reghena locality in Cinto Caomaggiore.
  • From Cinto Caomaggiore to Pramaggiore, 4.5 km: visit to the winery with the Pramaggiore Lison wine exhibition (cycle path).
  • From Cinto Caomaggiore to Belfiore, km 9.00: Always on the Pramaggiore cycle path, visit the Ethnographic Museum in the ancient Belfiore mill and the woods of Bandiziol and Prassaccon.
  • From Cinto Caomaggiore to Summaga 6,6 km: Visit to the ancient abbey.
  • From Cinto Caomaggiore to Cordovado 9 km crossing Sesto al Reghena: Visit the Abbey and then take the road in the woods, follow the signs for “Vie dell’Abbazia” to get to the Molini di Stalis, go to the Venchiaredo fountain and then finish is Cordovado.