The villa is for rent for your special event but on request we offer you following opportunities:

– A variety of menu and caterings
– A choice of tableware settings and decoration
– Different Wedding or reception cards
– Music Entertainment
– Baby sitting service
– Car or van rent suggestions
– Accommodation in our bed and breakfast until 18 people or in other b&b or hotels not far from Villa Bornancini.

We will make your experience at Villa Bornancini really unforgettable and unique.


We organize English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian guided tours to learn about the Venetian territory rich in history: Portogruaro, Summaga, Concordia Sagittaria, Sesto al Reghena, Motta di Livenza, Portobuffolè, Oderzo, Treviso, Conegliano and the Prosecco Valley. Furthermore we organize wine and food itineraries and visits at some wine producers of the famous Italian wine street D.O.C. in Lison and Pramaggiore or at local dairies. Prices for these services depend on the length of the excursion and the kind of request.


Villa Bornancini which is about 70 km ( about 40 miles) far from Venice makes it ideal for car trips, bike or walking tours to the towns in the eastern Veneto region and in the Friuli region:

⊕ Portogruaro

⊕ Summaga

⊕ Concordia Sagittaria

⊕ Sesto al Reghena

⊕ Oderzo e Portobuffolè

⊕ Cordovado

⊕ Conegliano

Additionally visitors can easily reach some beaches of the Adriatic sea; Bibione, Lignano, Caorle and Valle Vecchia once a marsh and today a beautiful fish valley which takes you to the Venetian lagoon. It has been made famous by American writer Ernest Hemingway who spent long time in this place and took inspiration for his novel “ Across the river and into the trees”.

ITINERARIES Bike trips from Cinto Caomaggiore

⊕ From Cinto Caomaggiore to Portogruaro 8,00 km

⊕ From Cinto Caomaggiore to Concordia 12,00 km

⊕ From Cinto Caomaggiore to Pramaggiore 4,5 km

⊕ From Cinto Caomaggiore to Belfiore 9,00 km

⊕ From Cinto Caomaggiore to Summaga 8,2 km

⊕ From Cinto Caomaggiore to Sesto al Reghena 4,4 km